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Why don't you just add an FM/2/3 or FE/FE2 body. They're small and lightweight and you can continue with your Nikon line.
All I have are heavy autofocus zoom lenses for my Nikon systems. Would be kinda funny to see a FM2 with a 24-70 f/2.8 or a 70-200 VR-II latched on.

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If this is primarily a street setup, why not go with a rangefinder? Lightweight (Mamiya 7ii and others excepting), fast, easy to use. Some with interchangeable lenses. 35mm or MF. Well worth looking into. My personal advice regarding a second 35mm SLR setup would be the Minolta due to personal experience. But you name good systems and seem to have a head for it. Go with what is affordable.
Rangefinder? I really hadn't thought of that. I've really never used one beyond a QL17 I had years ago (for a brief time).
I think the word Leica is dirty because you are (more or less) paying for a brand name. I'd have to get something halfway cheap with decent lenses for me to consider