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The Olympus cameras are very nice as well. I can also recommend the Pentax MX and the Minolta XD11 with the f/2.0 45mm lens (a nice little package).
The Minolta X700 that I bought (said in my original post) actually came with the 45mm f/2.0 lens that you recommend already on it. Sweet.
I did a quick search of the XD11. It looks to have what I would need (metered manual).
Does the shutter sound the same as the X700? I love that sound. It's like a controlled "swish-click" and not just a "klunk-clap" like so many other slr's.

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Rangefinder! A Konica Hexar RF with voigtländer lenses and your free from leica.
Aren't most interchangeable rangefinders upwards of $500 or more? I did a quick search for this Konica Hexar RF (and a few others like the Minolta CLE and a few Bessa's) and I didn't find ANYTHING for less than $500. That's body only and that is way more than I want to spend on a camera that I'm just gonna use to play around with.

I'd TRADE like 4-5 working slr's and lenses for one. I'm sure I can find lenses for cheap or for trade.