What shall become of the camera? Lets look at the most available camera in the world, the Kodak disposable 35mm camera. If you look at one of the newer boxes that they come in you might see that they have recycled, not sold, not manufactured, not scraped, but recycled 1,400,000,000 of these cameras, that is the returned and processed count to date, and I don't see signs of them slowing down because they make a nice selection of them and they are all over the place. With that many cameras being made and coming back for processing I think they are doing ok.

Well made SLR's will last a good number of years, but glass is turning to a APS size sweet spot that clips the corners on 35mm photos so I think we will eventually watch lenses leave us behind.

As for film, as long as someone is making those disposable cameras they will be making 35mm film so I think we are safe.

Who knows the way things are going we may soon see a 8-1000mm digital camera with a full size 35MP 35mm sensor, that will be a bad day for film.