I found some 8x10 film in my photo closet, no longer have an 8x10 camera, and I'm too clumsy to cut it down to whole plate size in the dark...

J&C Ortho Print Film: 8 sheets left of 10 sheet pack
J&C Pro 100 Film: 12 sheets left from a 25 sheet pack
10 sheets unknown. This is in an Arista 400 box but have no idea if that's what it is because I got it in a trade ages ago. I've neither bought nor used Arista film, so have no clue if it is Arista or not. The box had a masking tape label that just says 'unexposed film'. There were 11 sheets but I took one out to scan the notch code below.

So, we have a total of 30 sheets, all of it old. J&C hasn't even been around for years but I suspect this film would still be usable for average shooters. The only guarantee is that I'll send you the three packets.

Should fit in one of the longer medium flat rate boxes, so shipping will be $10.70 in the USA. Make me an offer. I take USPS money orders and paypal with all fees to the buyer. Cheers, Richard 3% to APUG if sold here.