Up for sale is my baby, I would really like to keep her but need to fund another purchase so I will have to buy another Petzval soon.

14" f7 Projection Petzval, this lens in in LN condition after I have cleaned her up. I spent over an hour polishing the brass with metal polish and #0000 steel wool. The glass is in perfect condition, no dust, marks, scratches, fungus, nothing! Comes with leather front cap that pushes on the screw on hood. The focus mechanism is in perfect working order and the original flange is included and mounted on a 6X6" lens board for a Kodak 2D. A sample shot from the lens is included, I took this on 8X10 Foma 100 with this petzval of my father. It has the very nice sharp center and swirly bokeh effect. Perfect lens for portraits.

This lens does not have an aperture or a slot for waterhouse stops, at infinity it is an f7, I measure from the half way point in the lens to the film plane and devide by two to get the working aperture. (ie, 22" of extension = f11)

Please PM with any questions, payment by paypal only, either gift or add 3%.

I got this lens from Jim Galli and he said it was most likely an Edison branded lens.

Price: $550 Shipped USPS Priority CONUS OBO