I use a split-developer to enhance details in the highlights without blocking up the shadows in difficult-lighting shots. I use DIFFERENT developer's though. It's more of a 2-bath development with water bath (not for stopping though). In the first bath, I use LPD diluted 1:2 or 1:3 and I remove it as soon as I see the shadows appearing. Then, I water bath for about 15 seconds to allow that to finish up a bit. Then, I put the print into Selectol Soft (a surface developer) for about 2 minutes. This usually gets me a nice brownish-black look to prints without toning and it gets massive detail in the hightlights!

Then, stop as usual and fix as usual. If I tone, it's usually gold or selenium toning. Usually for archival work, I will tone in selenium 1:40 for 10 minutes.

The other way I do it is to mix the LPD with the selectol soft (not Selectol, but selectol SOFT) at 1:15 or 1:20. This does about the same, but the LPD burns off quickly and constantly needs replenishment. Any higher on the LPD and the effects of the SS is negated.