Need help on this pinhole photography. I have made a pinhole camera at home using Oat meal tin.

  • Body: Oat meal tin

  • Lens (Hole) : #14 pin

  • Film: Ilford Multigrade IV Deluxe MGD.44M 5x7-25 Sheets B&W Variable Contrast RC (Resin Coated) Pearl Paper

  • Exposed for: 20 sec.

  • Result: I tried a picture today around 10am with sun light as my daughter as subject sitting in front of a wall. When I developed this paper tonight I got some kinda Black with bit of white textured paper and nothing else is visible.

Whats wrong? Is it over exposed or under exposed. Why could I not see any sense of image in there?

I need to try for tomorrow again. Any clue would be highly appreciated.