Area 51 may have its Little Green Men, but here in NE Missouri, we've got our own creepy little prisoners, er... I mean, helpers. In corn field after corn field separated only by more corn fields, the Magic Yellow Corn Fairies work day and night digging up mediocre stuff for me to send out into the world from what the airport so sadly calls "Missouri's North Star".

Now, if you want to pay $900 for the top stuff, then, trust me, the MYCF are not your kind of creepy. They are more into the 'a Yugo is nothing but a poor man's Porsch' kind of mind set. If that sounds like your kind of vegetable, then read on.

Just don't feed them after midnight...

This one is a petzval. The glass was recently dismantled and given a luxurious spa treatment, salt-free & fibre-rich diet, plenty of exercise and a massage by the famous (or infamous?) Jim Galli. Or maybe just cleaned and re-assembled...

To measure the focal length, I rear-mounted the lens, focused at infinity, and measured from the middle of the lens to the film plane. This gives about 12 1/2". From the rear of the lens to the film plane is about 10 1/2". 4" tall, about 2 1/4" on the threads of the focus sleeve, about 2 1/2" across the lens hood. No aperture or flange.

There is a wheel/knob for the focus sleeve with 2 of the 4 original screws. They'll be included to the buyer but I was unable to screw them back in without a screwdriver bit that tiny. I only have a 4x5 on hand at the moment and it easily covers that. I suspect whole plate and 5x7 will be fine but don't know about 8x10.

The hood is a little dented and nicked, and there are some marks on the glass, probably cleaning marks. There seems to be a pinprick sized nick in the glass and I've tried to show it and circle it in the photo.

None of this is going to make any difference to your photos. Pop it onto your camera and join the Petzval Generation.

$165 shipped in the USA. US buyers have 7 days to check it out and return it for a full refund less shipping both ways. USPS money orders and Paypal with all fees to the buyer are fine. Might be willing to trade for part of it, especially if you have whole plate holders to trade. 3% to APUG if sold here.

Cheers, Richard