Same camera before, only now you have a few hundred less excuses not to get it.

XPan panoramic/regular 35mm rangefinder. Exc. condition - comes with 45mm lens, original instructions, 3 Rodenstock filters (UV, polarizer, centre filter to prevent vignetting) and I'll toss in a brick (10 rolls) of TMX-36 film.

Glass is excellent, no scratches, smudges, dust, oil, Martians or bubonic plague. This is as low as it gets folks -- 2 weeks and it's off to eBay. I'd rather an APUG'er get it and a donation go to the folks who bring us this excellent site.

US$1800 plus shipping. Please, US and Canadian orders only.

PM me or email ?'s to colin dot corneau at gee male, dot com.

No I won't split it up. No I won't lower the price, you're getting a helluva deal as it is now. Yes I will accept a money order or bank draft/cheque, as soon as it clears I will mail right away. Yes I am happy to answer any questions you might have, please don't hesitate to let me know.