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Thansk for the quick tip, Nige.
I researched the web and found that #14 needle is approx of 1/100th Inch size.
ok, measure your focal length (from pinhole to paper) and poke those numbers into the calculator at mrpinhole to get your f-stop to use for exposure calcs (there's a exposure calculator there too, so have a play with that too)

Just want to confirm...
Since it turned to kinda black with white patches of wall (bg), are you saying this is underexposed? Is this because, the paper that has come out the pinhole camera is the negative?
yep, its a negative, which you'll need to contact print to a positive. The highlights in your scene will go black on the paper neg, so you're trying to expose so that you get some 'black' (hopefully it's grey's) in the shadow areas of the scene, however paper is contrasty so this can be difficult without blowing the highlights clean off the paper!

Do you think I should increase the exposure? I tried in my bath(dark)room, if I expose the paper for 20 sec with 15w bulb (at about 2ft above), the paper turned to black once I developed. Doesnt this mean, it is overexposed?
You're not taking the aperture of the pinhole into account if I understand you right here. Do the calcs mentioned above and you'll be able to meter with your normal camera, then extrapolate to get a pretty accurate time at your f-stop (which might be f200 or something like that). My base exposures are 1min for one camera, 2mins for another. I make guestimates if I think I should.

Yell out if any of this doesn't make sense!