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so in theory, i could get a pantex screw mount lens on my a2e?
In theory, yes, with an M42-EOS adapter. Unfortunately some Canon EOS models will not meter accurately with non-EF mount lenses due to the lack of electronic connection between the body and lens; the A2e is one of those bodies. Apparently some A2/A2e versions don't have this issue, but none of the half dozen or so that I've tried have worked properly, nor have any of my Elan 7/7e/7N, EOS 1/1n/3 bodies metered correctly. My Elan IIe does, but that doesn't help you.

I did try an M42-EOS adapter with an emulator chip (it helps confirm focus) thinking that perhaps the electronic connection would help with the metering problem, but it didn't.

Of course, if you judge exposure by a different method (handheld meter, sunny 16), then you're golden. Use great and cheap Takumar glass on your A2e.