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Thanks for the speedy replies. Looks like lever is bent... also just realised that the shutter doesn't go faster than 1/30... don't suppose there is any easy fix someone could recommend? Shame because the body is in ex. condition, but obviously it's been sitting around for ages. I wish e%!# sellers would test things like this before saying "excellent condition, functions perfectly" in the listings.... aaaghhhh!
Well, if that's the case and you paid with Paypal .... file a claim, if it clearly wasn't listed in proper condition.

Not to start a lengthy eBay flame/discussion but in general if the person hasn't sold a lot of cameras (like the also sell doilies or figurines or candles or trains) it usually means they are yard-saler's or estate-saler's just looking to flip their weekend finds. Sellers who deal with mainly cameras and have good feedback will generally answer questions before you bid. I ALWAYS look at the sellers other items for sale, or go through their feedback history to look what they've sold lately.

Anyhoo ..... I'd ask to return it ... even if the auction said "as is" there is still protection against a listing that was not accurate.