Just a quick update and to put some closure to this.

I had the camera looked at this morning by a local camera repairer and a few interesting things that I got from my visit:

1) the lens that was on the camera was spotless. Not a single spot of fungus was to be found on the surfaces
2) It was actually fibres in the interior, with a bit of fungus. The interior of the camera body was cleaned, followed by a quick coating of some black matt paint (not exactly sure what it was). The repairer didn't seem at all concerned
3) People get a bit carried away with fungus. Yes, it will damage equipment, yes it can be transferred from piece to piece, but there is just as much risk of the equipment picking up spores from the general environment that you are in. A gentleman had taken a digital in to be cleaned, that was full of fungus. The camera had been used in an environment that had a lot of compost materials around. The sensor on the camera was deemed beyond repair....not bad on a camera that was 6 months old. (& this is not a digital bash, as it could be a lens I am talking about).

So, the moral of the story, if you have fungus, get it cleaned ASAP, BUT the only time you should dispose of equipment effected is if it is beyond repair.