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*edit* Here's a resource I haven't seen before, might have some useful info for those interested http://books.google.com/books?id=1J0...chrome&f=false
Did you actually get to read the relavant section you quoted?

I only got 3 piss poor snippits... and enough energy to fire an angry line or two off to google... politely, of course!

I don't expect much from second hand sources, but I still like to see everything, at least once.

Which reminds me...
Some of the files mentioned before, mostly in French, are not actually there... and those that are, are in fairly poor shape... If anyone types French quickly (?), a good clean copy of those articles would help smooth the way for at least initiall attemps at machine translation. As it is now, they are not suitable for OCR and untill they are translated, or retyped, nonreaders will remain in the dark.

If anyone wants to undertake this job in waiting, I have all of the files ready to send....