Hi Arjuna, welcome! I'm relatively new to APUG but have been a wedding photographer for 6 years.
The only time having 2 camera bodies is really important is during the ceremony. And the fastest lenses possible (2.8 or better). One body with a wide-normal focal length and the other body normal-telephoto. Your Canon lenses are plenty and with the Minolta and fast primes you should be set. The 70-310/3.5 would be great for an outdoor ceremony but not indoors. By all means bring your RF and Holga for alternative looks and for back up (backup is really important in weddings b/c things move so fast; there's no time to fiddle around if something's not working right).
If at all possible, second shoot with someone at a few different weddings before doing it on your own. It's very challenging and there's so much to learn about timing, logistics, portraiture, available light +/- flash, what lenses, camera settings, film emulsions, etc work at all the various segments of the day. Each segment of the day presents different logistical challenges/problem solving opportunities :-)