Want to trade a Asahi Pentax Spotmatic body + 55mm 1:2 Super Takumar

I got the body at a sale included in a kit with other stuff I wanted - it came with a Sun 60-135mm 3.5 zoom. So as I never use zooms, I bought the 55mm from a fellow APUG'er. Oh yea, I'll throw in the Sun lens as well, but I have not tested it at all - however it looks clean, blades are clean, and has a front cap. Takumar has no caps, and the distance scale ring in the lens is loose (as described when I bought it, has no effect on the function of the lens.)

I've run film through the camera to test it out ... all shutter/aperture seem to be working fine. Meter is not working because there is no battery in the camera. I really think this Takumar is a nice, sharp lens ... however, I don't like using the body for how I shoot, I have enough 35mm gear, way to many 50mm focal length lenses, and don't want to invest in a M42 mount system, so I'm letting it go.

What I'm looking for:

C/Y mount lens 28mm or wider.
Canon FD lens 28mm or wider.

I will also entertain cash offers, but I will wait for any trade offers before approving a cash sale.

Trades - I will do an even ship, even though this will be a bit heavier ... unless you are overseas.

Cash - include $10.95 flat rate box USPS shipping. Paypal gift or check or cash in a musical card. Overseas shipping will be more.