I just had a thought about the fact that some people have never taken a photo in some parts of the world. With developing not available, only a manual Polaroid like the 180 or 195 or a manual MF camera with a Polaroid back would work in those areas to give them a photo. Ofcourse some sort of light meter would be needed, but that could be done with a few guesses. The problem would be that the instant film process would have to be a lot cheaper than $1-$2.00 a shot. Or, some sort of extremely simple process to develop a medium format film with a simple way to make contact prints. The processing of film would have to be so simple and require developing in water temps from 60 to 80 degrees. This is an area where digital would never do the trick. A SX-70 type film would also work, but again the film would need to be cheaper than that $2.00 a shot stuff. Something to think about, right? RJT.