"Where's the wedding togs?" I'm here! I'm relatively new to APUG.

Started shooting film when I was 13.... it became an obsession. Many years later I became a wedding photographer using film. I added digital (the immediacy and overly saturated colors were addicting) and in 2007 became all digital. Two years later I kissed digital capture goodbye and decided film was for me.

Many of the statements in this thread are interesting. I also agree that digital technology and those who sell it have created myths (among pros and among consumers). That it's free. That it's easy. That it's a great way to make easy money. That "having more control" (being a photographer AND a color corrector or lab) is true freedom. That it's the camera that makes beautiful images. That it's the number of megapixels that makes beautiful images. That it's one manufacturer or another (Nikon v Canon). In fact every facet of digital imaging is sold as the ONE THING that will make your images beautiful. The camera, lenses, storage media, printer, software, computer, imaging software, imaging software actions, etc, etc. The understanding that the PERSON capturing the image matters has been obscured. Some wedding couples understand this but the average consumer who has no real visual vocabulary doesn't. They bought the hype.