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wiltw: Thanks for that, I hardly thought about it, I guess it must've slipped my mind. And thanks very much for measuring the different start film position for both 120 & 220 film..great help.

ignatiu5: Dohh (slaps forehead). Yet another thing that I missed completely. Guess the bottom line is that it won't work eh?

Well, here I go searching for a 120 SQ-A that's priced reasonably. Not that I have an SQ-A, lost out on it on fleabay, lost out on a lot of things these past few days...oh well..sigh...
You can run 120 film through an SQ-A 220 back just fine. The spacing might be slightly off, but you will fit all 12 shots on a roll. I haven't even had to move the start point. "Shoot" atleast to shot 15 before you open the back to unload the roll.