My first Nikon F2 I picked up at a local camera swap meet for $200. Out of about five bodies this was the cleanest looking one. I have no idea who previous owners were. Without even shooing a roll, I sent the camera in for an c.l.a. Got the camera back on not long after noticed a shutter bounce problem. I took it to another shop and they fixed it. However a couple months later the same problem along with some unexposed frames. Back the shop (the second one) it goes. The camera sits there for months because the cannot find parts. During this time I pick up another F2 body to use, this one a "bargain" grade from KEH. Due to a little bit of rust on the body it goes back to KEH. My first body is still in the shop. I beginning to think they simply don't want to repair it even though it's still under warranty.

Another body arrives from KEH also bargain grade $99. What a beautiful body. Not a flaw on it that I can see. I shoot some test rolls and everything looks great. The first shop tells me that the repairs I need don't require parts. They say to send in the body and even though it's no longer under warranty with them, they'll fix it for free. So off to the first shop it goes. A few weeks later it arrives and for a few months it works great. Then I take it to immigration march downtown and shoot ten 36 exposure rolls. Out of 360 pictures taken, less then five come out. Entire rolls were completely unexposed and others were so underexposed nothing was printable. I open the back, take off the lens and test to shutter. At all speeds above 1/60 the shutter failed to open.

Needless to say I had had enough. Three repairs in a little over a year and the damn thing still wouldn't work. So now I'm using the KEH bargain body and it's working great. The other body will eventually make it's way back to the first repair shop for spare parts.

So the moral of the story is simply that unless one knows the previous owners, there's just no telling what you're getting into. Below is a scan of one of the rolls taken during the immigration march I mentioned. It was really the only roll out of the ten that had anything remotely printable grrr!