We seem to have had a rise in signature spam lately, and it would be useful if everyone were on the lookout for this and could report it using the "report post" button at the end of the post in question when they see it. Thanks to those who have been reporting it so far, since it is a kind of spam that is designed not to look like spam and can be hard to recognize as such, but it is a definite trend, so if it smells like spam, it probably is.

This kind of spam usually consists of a brief post, maybe worded vaguely so that it seems to be related to the thread, or it may in fact be related to the thread in a kind of naive way, but its main purpose is to deliver links in the signature line, usually to websites that have nothing to do with analogue photography, like vacation resorts or insurance or electronics for sale. One such spammer was even advertising for some sort of dubious photography course so it took us a while to recognize that one.

These spammers usually post to existing threads, and the moderators don't read everything, so it can easily slip through, but once we are able to identify one of these spam posts, we can easily delete all posts by the spammer and ban them from APUG.