I hate the local Calumet (in San Francisco, CA). Their film and paper stock is wildly inconsistent. The service is terrible, unless, it seems, you are a local pro who knows the staff. Then they are willing to spend hours talking about lenses while ignoring people queuing at the counter to actually buy something.

Exception: I've found the rental department to be friendly, helpful, and reliable.

When I finally do get someone's attention they say "just tell us what you want, we can get it for you in a couple of days." What's the point of that? I can order from Freestyle, JustFilm, B&H, Adorama, Photographers Formulary, etc, and get anything within 24 hours, including stuff that Calumet doesn't carry, at better prices.

I've quit going to Calumet except for rentals. I honestly don't care if they stay in the analog photograpy business or not, since they themselves don't seem to care either.