Okay, don't just start jumpinig all over me on this one. BUT, I read a lot about the crucial nature of color (and black and white) chemistry temperature before I started trying to incorporate color into my lab. The way I re-designed the lab however, temperature is the hardest aspect to maintain at this point. Before I went out to get solutions to this problem, I did some tests. I should at this point mention that I use only Agfa professional chemistry unless they simple don't have it (like R3) because I read that it is more forgiving at lower temps. Anyway I found that so long as I was aware of the temperature, the times could be adjusted upward to compensate. This maintained nicely until the temp dropped below 70-75 F.

HOWEVER, I am not a photographer so I have always wondered if my testing was really valid. In other words do I really know what to look for when I looking for the discrepancies. I would like to see an explanation or list of what I should be eagle eyeing when doing these tests from people whose standards I would imagine are quite high.