Well, here's my latest contribution to the local Photo Bazaar - a nice Epson 836XL flatbed scanner. It's listed scan area is 12.2" X 17.2", so an 11x14 is no problem. I scan 12x20's in two sections, and stitch them together in PS. The listed scan resolution is 800x1600 dpi. I've used the scanner for several years without problems. I'm confident it's got several more years of useful life.

Here's a link to Epson's Specs/FAQ regarding the scanner.

This scanner connects to a computer either through a SCSI interface, or a PC's parallel port. AIR, this scanner will plug right into a Mac, but you'll have to research that. I use it on a PC running XP, and installed a cheap Adaptec AIC-7850 board to provide the SCSI interface. The Adaptec board is not included.

I'll ask $300 for this, and, of course, entertain any offers you might put forth. As you might expect from a ULF scanner, it's a big bruiser, weighing about 45 lbs. I'll make this Local Pick-Up Only, but I'm always ready to accomodate anyone who's desparate enough to want to pay for shipping.

BTW, there is a transparancy lid that can be used with this scanner, but I'm selling this one without the transparency lid (and I'm keeping the one that has the lid...you knew I had two of these, didn't you?).