I just found out that this scanner I have had sitting on my desk is actually worth quite a bit of money on E-Bay. It was a gift from a very well off friend who upgraded to a different scanner about three years ago, and I have used the thing to scan approximately ten negatives since then, and for nothing serious. Since it is really nothing but an expensive paperweight to me, I figure I should get rid of it.

It is a Coolscan V ED, which is a 14 bit 35mm scanner. It has the original software and instruction manual, the connector cable, the power cable, the auto-feed filmstrip insert, and the mounted transparency insert.

I have had it out on my desk the entire time, but it has been inside a closed plastic bag, so it is dust free.

There is a single frame insert available for this model that I prefer, as it is more like a traditional negative carrier, but unfortunately I do not have it. You could probably get one on E-Bay fr not too much money.

When I checked E-Bay a few weeks ago, all completed auctions were for over $750.

I am asking $750 shipped, and will donate $30 of that to A.P.U.G. (4%).

I will also consider offers, and will trade for all sorts of photography equipment and/or supplies.

I live in Los Angeles, CA, and local pickup or viewing is welcome.