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Hi Ray,

I've discovered this thread only today. I'm fascinated with early color photography technologies such as Autochromes, so I'm extreemly excited to discover there was another process that seems to be even older and more accurate (color rendition wise) than Autochromes. I'm French and studied Physics for a while at College, so I would be happy to try to translate into English the french papers you cite. I'm not a professional translater and I may need some time as my free time is limited and already pretty busy but since this project sounds so exciting I'll do my best to be fast and effective.
Please take a look at GALLICA (http://gallica.bnf.fr/). Some of the articles I had put online on the holography forum used to be available at their site. In the meantime (I may have stopped looking for Lippmann resources around 2004 or so) they put a bunch of interesting books/papers touching on Lippmann photography online. I'm particularly thinking of the BULLETIN DE LA SOCIETE PHOTOGRAPHIQUE - incidentally, that journal is a real treasure for anyone interested in "alternative photography".