There are many photography destinations in Michigan, depending on what you like to photograph. There are some nice art deco buildings in Lansing if you are into architectural photography. If you enjoy shooting urban ruins downtown Detroit or Gary, Indiana are the places to go. If beach and dunescapes are your forte, you can find no more beautiful place, in my opinion, than the Lake Michigan shoreline. Pastoral landscapes are all around you, especially south and west of Lansing. And for woodlands, northern Michigan is the place to go.

By the way, it stays light here until after 9PM this time of year, so evening shooting is very possible.

Tell me the subject areas you like to photograph and I will try to be more specific. I live in Holland, about 1 1/2 hours west of Lansing. If you would like to get together to shoot along the lakeshore, let me know.

Welcome to Michigan.