There's always room for a swap table... might have some give-aways myself.

Here are the directions from Rt 95. Rt 395 people, just take the exit for Rt 85, take a left and go .8 mile to the light at Cross Rd. Right on Cross Rd and you will cross Rt 95 after a mile or so. Follow the directions from there. There is no starting or ending time to this thing. Papagene and his (much)better half will come down on Friday evening. Morning light is nice, so show when you can.

RAIN INFO: There isn't any sense in doing this in the rain, so if the weather is wet, we'll think up another date. The cottage is very small, and a big party inside isn't really any fun. Cloudy? No problem... world's biggest softbox, right? I won't be able to post, since I will be there without internet access, so make your own judgments.