Thanks for everyone's ideas.

Guess I should have been more specific as to what I like to photograph. Have had to think about this as being an engineer I have never thought of myself as an artist, I take pictures as I like the whole process of trying to capture the image of something that I have seen that is interesting, then processing the film and then generating the print. With my set up there is risk everywhere that I will do some damage somewhere during the process. On this trip I have the added unknown of what will happen with the film getting several whammys of the x-ray scanners at the airport, which then is compounded by my agricultural dark room.

So what do I like... Landscapes and streetscapes (as they have featured prominently in my images to date).

So if this helps anyone offer suggestions who have been silent please go for it and give me your thoughts, or even anyone who has been good enough to already give suggestions be more specific. I do think I already have more than enough ideas.

I have decided to take the F5 and a good assortment of lenses and flash, a trusty Voigtlander Bessa 6x9 with a slow (f6.3) lens, the Horizon Panoramic, and a TLR Yashica 6x6 and small flash. I am now thinking the 16mm will have to stay home.

I might just take you up on the offer of lakeshore shooting. Will be in touch once I get on the ground.

No ASIO for me, and even if I did work for them I could not confirm or deny it Just some unexpected results, that has forced the hand of management to have someone travel to use better facilities in our organisation than we have here in Oz. I was the man standing in front of the line after my colleagues all took one step backwards. It does not pay to be the last one into a meeting and have a current passport:rolleyes: