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I have heard that a lot of AP and UPI photogs in the combat areas of the world used Nikon enlarging lenses on Leicas and that is one of the ways Nikon gained a marketing edge. Any truth to that?

In his book "This is war", David Douglas Duncan tells the whole history in the last page of the book under the title 'Photo Data'. He and other photographers used Nikkors in their Leica and Contax cameras (some used Nikon cameras as backup bodies too). The Nikkor lenses used by him to cover the combat in the front in 1950 were the Nikkor 50mm f/1.5 and, later, the 50mm f/1.4, he used, also the 85mm f/2 and the 135mm f/3.5. According to Duncan, they found these ones to be supperior to Zeiss and Leica equivalent ones. All the pictures were shot with these lenses and Super XX and are printed in 9x12 or 12x17 inches (20x30 or 30x40 cm) in the book.