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Interesting composition--dramatic, angular, geometric, all of which I like in my own work.

If the print is representative of the negative; and if it was not your intention to have the lower/right buildings silhouetted, then your negative is likely underexposed for that shadow detail. Your cloud highlights look mostly good except for a bit of burned white along the left and upper-right building edges.

Keep at it. You're off to a good start.
Thank you.

This is how the negative looks. I used a Red filter and a circular polarizer, then exposed for the sky. I knew the foreground would be silhouetted (and that's what I wanted), but I'm thinking I should have bracketed 1 & 2 stops overexposure just so I had options.

The clouds look a little muddy to me. I could probably make a better print. I had been in the darkroom for about 5 hours when I started making this one, my neck hurt, and in general I was starting to feel pretty run-down.