I picked up a Seal 360M drymount press last week. It is a beast, 26" x 34" and weighs about 200 lbs. I knew it didn't work, it had been neglected, but was too good to pass up. First off I disassembled everything except the top platen / heater assembly. Scrubbed all the parts, drilled & tapped holes for "real" feet (it had some puny feet at one time) made sure all the parts worked smooth and re-assembled. I added a new cord, replacing a burnt connector. I powered it up and the darn thing worked... until at about 200F there was a pzzzzt, and the temperature started dropping slowly. I removed the control cover and discovered that one of the heating element connections had been going for quite some time, and finally burnt thru.

So it looks like I will need to replace the heating element. I will probably replace the switch & thermostat while I am at it. I was wondering if anyone knows if heating elements are available, and where.