It's hard to see these nice comments float around, and realise that I am not in on this round. It is the first round I have sat out since way back in R11

I have printed a set of images in the past month, with an aim to include them in the next round I enter with my multiple batches of images. I did feel better sending out a set of three at once last round, and this is the resulting image hang over, if you will.

By the time next round comes up should have a summer vacations worth of new negatives to draw from.

This past month I have been busy with a training course running 8-5 every saturday, in addition to working the regular hours monday to friday, combined with a flurry of birthday parties to ferry my two kids to. The weeks running up to school finishing for the summer here always brings a rush of these socal events for those who have a birthday that falls over the school break.