I picked up a Nikomat EL in very nice shape for a song at the big auction site. Everything seems to work but the needle is erratic at larger apertures. From f22 to f8 it tracks nicely. From f5.6 on it just jumps to the top. I'd like to have the meter fixed, get a CLA and new seals and use it, since it's way too pretty to sit on the shelf. I sent it to International Camera Repair in Chicago after getting an estimate for $90 via email. After a couple of weeks of no response I called them and got "there's a lot wrong with the camera but we'll stick to our estimate." A couple of days later he called and asked what kind of lenses I was using. When I said AI Nikkors, he says "That's your problem. It works just fine with our lens, so you need to have your lenses modified to work with this camera." Of course he offered to "modify" all of my lenses for a fee.

So...I'm looking for someone who actually knows something about Nikomat (or even Nikkormat) repair who can do the work for me. I talked to Pete Smith, at Delray Camera shop, and while I'm sending him an F2 and a lens for a CLA, he won't work on the Nikomat. Does anyone have any suggestions for a repair shop/tech?