Hi all,

It's time to divest and the subjects here are two well loved but little used Leica III kits. I'd prefer to sell each camera and lens as a set.

1949 Leica IIIc (SN: 478098) w/Summitar 50 f2.0 (SN: 684897) $350 USD for the set.

1952 Leica IIIf (SN: 588864) & original leather case w/Summitar 50 f2.0 (SN: 686627) & original metal Leica lens cap. $375 USD for the set.

All speeds seem to be working well on both cameras and the lenses have no imperfections that will compromise image quality. The condition of both cameras would probably be rated 8+ by a dealer.

Payment via PayPal, buyer pays shipping. I've included a front and top view of each camera, but more photos are available for each. Please PM me here if you are interested or want further information and/or photos of the cameras.