I recommend a beginner find a system that is known to work together - Collodion, Developer, Silver Bath solution, Fixer, and NOT just "mix and match" from all the recipes found surfing the net. Some collodion mixes work better with some developers, for example. The above recipe capture from many sources is not that useful if you don't know what's going on. The "sugar developer" for example is actually just a regular acetic acid developer formula, with some sugar added as a restrainer, as it can be to most formulas. Yet, the web perpetuates these errors because people copy/paste information - right, wrong, or incompatible, and imply a newbie should just "dive in." There is a lot of background information missing in this one page "guide."

Best is to get a guidebook, or take a workshop, or follow a forum for a few weeks. Worse is to dive in with little understanding of the process and interactions. I am closely involved with the wetplate community, and many beginning problems can be prevented by acquiring more knowledge first.