Well, my bad luck with old lenses holds, shakes head. The camera itself looks to be in good shape and I like it. It's small and light and the perfect camera to take with me all the time. It's fairly clean except for one dark speck inside the view screen. It seems to work just fine though it needs new batteries for the meter and the Vivitar 52 MM lens looks like it's a good one.

The Gemini 200MM zoom though, sigh, as usual, whenever I actually get my hands on any decent 200MM zoom it's in absolutely nasty condition. The aperture ring was frozen. I managed to fix that but the lens itself really isn't worth it. Ah well, I was working for the camera not the zoom. The extra lens, that was just a bonus, so whatever, but it just completely messes with me that it's bad.

I've now gotten THREE 200MM zoom lenses to date with several different old film cameras and not one of them was usable! I'll have to forgive the man the icky 200MM though because he also gave me like 11 rolls of film and a pile of Cokin and other similar filters to play with plus the holder needed to use them. Major plus as I was really wanting a set of these. I still need a few of them but this has to be 2/3 of a really good set at least so that's a major start on me having a set of those.

If it wasn't for the freakin bad zoom karma I'd be in 7th heaven about now....

I think I am going to go spend the afternoon looking at lenses on auction, CL etc. Somewhere out there is a nice, CLEAN 200-300MM M42 or K mount zoom lens with my name written all over it at a price I can actually afford!