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It's an age-related problem involving a dirty/worn ring resistor that's swiped with aperture changes. I have a pretty black EL that developed the problem. You might contact Essex(http://www.essexcamera.com/)
but I suspect you'd be happier with an FE or F3--both can handle NAI lenses, thanks to a flip-up AI tab. A clean FE would probably cost less than the repair bill on your ailing EL.
I figured the resistor wiper. It's probably dirt, not wear, because the camera is quite minty. If it just needs cleaning, it sounds like a relatively simple fix, and whoever does it will get paid for a CLA and new seals as well. I'm willing to pay if I can find someone competent to do the work. If the previous repair tech had not given me mis-information over the phone, I would have paid him for his time. Had he asked, I would have paid him for the free estimate anyway, because I know these guys need to earn an income.

As for what I'd be happier with, I have a bunch of cameras and I use all of them at one time or another. Which one I use depends on a lot of things, including my mood. What makes me happy is having each and every one of them in good working condition. It's not a question of cost or age or "better" cameras being available, or even which lenses will work on them. I have a lot of those (lenses) too, including pre-AI versions.

This is starting to sound pissy, and I really don't want to come across that way. I do appreciate the recommendation for Essex Camera and I'll contact them. I was a little frustrated with the several replies saying, essentially, why bother. Your was the only reply that actually gave me what I asked for -- the name of a good repair shop -- and I really do appreciate that.