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I suspect the black hoodie crew won't get close enough to get gassed. DTTO is going to be sewn up tight and I doubt there will be any WTO-style battles. Radical chic aside, there likely won't be much point or opportunity to shoot much anything apart from fences with G20 security so tight. Leave the Leica at home.
Thanks for all the answers!

Not to make that thread too political, believe me: there IS gonna have riots, if the black block doesn't start it, the cops will make sure that sh*t will happen. Why? because they have to justify the 1 billion $ budget.

Police had trouble makers among the crowd in Montebello for the north american summit, and last G20 in Pittsburg was the same. And no, it is not conspiracy theory it is well documented by well established medias. See CBC about the Montebello summit.

Again, thanks!