I agree with you that it is very unfortunate that this event is putting danger on the city. In the past, canadian authorities had the good idea of holding these summits in small, remote areas. They had learned their lesson at the 2001 Quebec City summit, but now, they changed their minds. You can surelty blame those stupid black box militants, but you should also blame the autorities that are at the moment, by the way, conservatives, not "liberal apologists terrorists", for holding this summit in Toronto. Don't get me wrong, I don't support trouble makers, but I know that there will be some, and must be prepared for it. If nothing happens, fine, but would YOU go witout asking some advice for your security?

If I was to shoot from the police side of things, documenting they work or even inside, documenting the policy makers meetings, would you say I am pushing "terrorism" even if my technical questions/concerns would be the same? You say you are unhappy with the decision to hold the G20 in Toronto, but did you do anything about it? Signing a petition, supporting small buisnesses that are the ones that will take a financial hit? Writing a letter to your MP, the Prime Minister, or the Toronto City Counsil?

Your rights (and duty) as a citizen are giving you much more options then blaming my thread. But, wait, "I am marketing egg to criminals on the riot" on APUG? Never realised that there is so many angry anarchists on this forum that were eager to go to throw some rocks at the establishement

Anyhow, thanks for the usefull advice other have given me.