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Jim, I just ordered a 100 sheet box of Green 8X10 to work with on development while I work on the camera for another format. Which Pyro do you use on the film? Oh, no, I forgot about hangers for a new format, I have hangers up to 8x10 but not 10X12 or 11X14, tray processing in a flat bottom tray, yuck.

Curt, I've had several personal issues over the last couple of months that have gotten in the way of my work and printing. Very difficult times and more to come. I use the Pyrocat-HD for all of my film. 1:1:200 dilution in tanks for the 8x10 x-ray film and I need to build the hangers for the 11x14. I have the materials but have not gotten the time yet. The great thing about x-ray film other than being cheap is that you can use a red safelight during development and judge the contrast need for carbon printing. Hangers are the way to go. I've gotten some nice prints from x-ray film and as I recall I showed several at the workshop along with the negatives. Nice to experiment and not break the bank. The nice thing for me is that I use the 10x12 x-ray film as a tissue support for my 8x10 carbon prints.