I'm trying to find out which type/mark of camera this one is:

- shutter 1-200 compur
- rodenstock 1:3.5/f=13,5cm no. 321392 doppel anastigmat Eurynar
seems a 1920-1930 ies fabricated lens
- "DF" marked on the shutter time wheel
- all the rest of the camera isn't marked at all
- described the 3 holders in an earlier post

I'm thinking it's a Zeca or maybe a Welta?

Anyone who can help?

Questions left:
*do I use the holder without the glas plate when sheet film is used? or do I replace the green glass with a piece of 9x12 sheetfilm?
* is the wired frame a viewfinder together with the hole diam 8 mm in the black metal plate?