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The difference is that there is no lag time in your Leica versus the SLRs!
Great capture.
And no mirror blackout, either, which is one of my favorite rangefinder attributes. Quieter, too, but not silent or anything.

Rangefinders present a more direct way of interacting with what you're photographing than an SLR. You're looking straight at it, as it appears to the eye, not what its image looks like when projected by the lens. But the difference, which matters to some but not to many others, really isn't all *that* huge. And some people simply prefer the SLR. It certainly has its own set of advantages.

And in general, other photographers are the only onlookers who know/care if you're using an SLR or a rangefinder, digital or film. So if you were doing a documentary about photographers, perhaps that's something you'd need to consider. Otherwise, unless you're toting around something that looks really unusual, like a TLR or a large-format camera, the vast majority of people just register "camera" and nothing more.