Well, the exchange has started off with a bang -- my first day and I get three cards! Mick Fagan's lovely high key portrait, Mike Clark's "clamming at sunset", and Dave Martiny's "street sweeper". I like the angle of view in Mick's portrait, the silouettes in Mike's image, and the repeating lines in Dave's photo. For some reason they work well when grouped together -- all these pictures of people, none of whom are looking at the camera, but all of whom provide an interesting subject. Thanks guys.

And just a note to the comments about my card -- there's very little cropping (a little, to get rid of distracting plants around the frame) and just a slight enlargement to make it larger than a contact print. The statues were very close together -- between 10-20 in a row, all side by side, with maybe a foot and a half of space between rows. It was very awkward to get in there and get a good field of view without getting other statues in the picture, or being too close too subject and thus out of focus. Luckily the photographer was in a place with good light, so that helped.