I, for one, firmly believe that there is a good deal more latitude in temperature than is commonly thought.
Being deft as all get out, and *never* making mistakes (believe that one and I've got a bunch of aluminum siding I'd like to sell...), I won't reveal my sources ... but...

Color negative film is commonly developed at 38 degrees Celcius; color paper at 35 degrees Celcius. Using a JOBO processor, the temperature is set using three dials.
It is supposed to be a *great* mistake to deviate by more than ... what? ... one-quarter of a degree, in either circumstance. I've forgotten ... uh ... well *someone* - once forgot to change the temperature, processing C41 film in the color developer for the prescribed 3 minutes, 15 seconds at (gasp&#33 35 degrees Celcius. Wonder of wonders!! *NO* explosion, and the color balance and density wasn't "off" more that what could be randomly expected.
Paper development has also been done, in error, at 38 degrees Celcius with equal results. Processing is never completely without variables... and these differences - note: three (3) degrees Celcius - did not appear to be terribly disastrous.

You CAN use "temperature tolerant" chemicals - JOBO/ Tetenal RT is one example. I've never used it ... I've never found the need to use them.

I've even had the telephone ring during processing color paper, and for one reason or another, LOST track of the time - as much as 100 percent time increase - One minute, thirty seconds, instead of the prescribed 45 seconds. No significant difference that I could see ... and I consider myself to be as much of a picky perfectionist as the next guy.

My theory is that the manufacturers of film, paper, and chemicals used in "small lab" work use "strict tempertaure control" as a sort of safety valve, so that *any* unexplained results can be attributed to "improper temperatue control".

I'll advise: Give it a try ... ypou don't have a great deal to lose (relatively - after all this is photography). I'd be willing to bet you'll do well.

All that said ... WELCOME to APUG. *I* checked, and understood that you were in Boise, Idaho.

*How* big are those prints??!!