"So are Americans not allowed to go to Cuba?"

Though I suspect that the question may have been a tiny bit disingenuous, I need to say that if Cuba were open to a rich, populous culture only 90 miles away then it would be very different, and many of the factors that have made it an interesting photographic destination would not have survived as long as they have. The rate of change in Cuba is pretty high anyway and the changes since I first travelled there ten years ago are enormous. You don't need to think very hard to work out that if the place were to get a huge influx of dollars that the delightful decrepitude and glimpses of days gone by that have characterised the place would be submerged very quickly. Cuba is changing very quickly. On my last visit in 2009 I could not re-take any of the nicest dozen photographs I took when I first went in 2001. Every one has either been demolished or reapainted with modern paints that look wrong. If you want to go, then go soon and hope that the US government stay p----d with Cubans for a few years yet.