Numbered, limited edition?

I re-read Fleath's card, checked the name and abbreviated name, didn't see anything, then in the bottom right corner this:- 58/70.

So when he's rich and well known, perhaps I can on-sell one of his original prints for a small fortune. This will allow me to pay my way into a retirement home, maybe!

Funnily enough I logged onto the gallery the day I received Fleath's print, down the bottom under the random section was the postcard print I had received about an hour previously. Interesting to see, I left a comment and noted that the print had been online for over a year and had attracted no or little comment.

Nice print Fleath!

Received Clamming At Sunset by Mike C, looks just as good upside down, which is how I and my work colleague, first viewed it. Peaceful.

Prague Street Sweeper from Dave Martiny, quite an impact, especially as he is surrounded by cigarette butts on the ground.

Laurent, I purposefully enlarged the negative until the image started to noticeably soften, then cropped. In a small version it is quite sharp and of a higher contrast, I wished for the opposite effect.