Hi Scott;

I'm 99.9% certain I have 15 rolls, boxed, that has been kept in a fridge/freezer since purchased. I looked this morning before coffee; I'll verify tonight if you wish when I'm back at home.

When I looked this morning, and each box is full and has an expiry date of 04/2003 (not a typo).

It was given to me along with some XP2 from a professional photographer; I have been using the XP2, but have not touched the Kodak stuff. I'm not going to use it; it might as well go to a good home.

If you are at all interested; do you have a good 50/2.8 enlarging lens to trade? My kids (20&23) are doing some 35mm B&W; I'm set up for medium format; do have a 50/4, but keep reading about people raving about some of the good 50/2.8 lenses.

Anyway, it is yours if you want it.

JohnS - Ottawa, Canada.