A quick and silly exercise which helped me a lot - I had to photograph some dolls recently (don't ask!). It was for a web site so it is was digital, but we wanted a nice studio/fashion look, and it turned out to be really good practise:

It turns out that when you scale down to doll size, a 100 Watt lightbulb is very like a strobe/unbrella setup at human scales (100W 6 inces away is 3.6KW 3 feet away). I was able to just use a bare bulb in an old table lamp, and wave it around quickly and easily to find a good keylight. Tin-foil wrapped around cardboard made a reflector which again could be rapidly positioned to create a fill.

The smaller scales meant I could use "hotlights" rather than strobes and move them around instantly rather than moving real lighting stands around. Plus of course the model didn't get bored!

I've not done much REAL studio lighting, but half an hour with this setup, and I feel I learnt a lot to take with me next time I do.