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Thank you.

The clouds look a little muddy to me. I could probably make a better print. I had been in the darkroom for about 5 hours when I started making this one, my neck hurt, and in general I was starting to feel pretty run-down.
I like the pictures you have posted here, and like others I encourage you to keep shooting and printing.

What I do not like are the excuses for prints that are less than the best you could have done. I went through a community college photography program a few years ago with students who were quite often much younger than I. Many times they began their critique presentations with statements such as: "I don't really like this picture...I didn't have time to do it right...I could have made the print better if (fill in excuse)..." I always wanted to know why I was supposed to spend energy critiquing their pictures if they thought they were crappy. And wondered if their days included less than the 24 hours that mine did.

So when you get tired and recognize that you are not doing your best, it is time to quit for that session, keep notes of what went well, and begin another session when you are rested. Make the best picture that you can, and you will have no reason to make excuses. Monte Zucker, a now-deceased portrait and wedding photographer used to say that good enough was not. He said that he went about photography always trying to be the best that he could be. I have always thought that was a good philosophy to follow.

I hope that I do not sound like a cranky old man. I am trying to encourage you to do your best.
Good Luck,